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IT Sales

Every IT product we sell, from laptops to keyboards and VoIP technology, is suitable for your purpose and the ideal fit for your home, business or school. Our extensive experience lets us advise you on the right items for your requirements. Whether you're purchasing on behalf of an organisation or for personal use, we work with you to find the correct solution.

IT Support

Our team offers extensive support services for software, hardware and various types of technology. You benefit from our decades of experience and industry knowledge, whether you need guidance on new technology or support in accessing or resolving problems with existing IT solutions. Our IT Support covers everything from residential concerns to urgent business support requirements.

Contracted Support

Alongside one-off support, we offer contracted support on retainer to organisations, schools and other businesses. If you require professional IT support in Salford or Prestwich, we can arrange a contracted service for on-call support as needed. In addition, we can provide recommendations and guidance on replacing and repairing technology, as necessary.

Urgent Repairs

If you need an urgent PC repair in Manchester, PC Doctors is the place to call. We offer a unique pick-up and drop-off services covering the surrounding area from our Prestiwch business. Our fast turnarounds and expert knowledge allow us to promptly repair your device or advise on whether it would be more cost-effective to invest in new technology.

Additional Services

Alongside our primary services, we offer many different levels of support and care to our local community, both for individuals and businesses. These include:

SafetyNet charity internet cafes

We work alongside non-profits and the local council to provide internet café locations in Prestwich, Salford and Lower Broughton (coming soon). SafetyNet offers a safe place to support students and individuals with IT training and computer use including support with universal credit applications. We also offer printing services including passport photos and large format printing.


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Broughton Park

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Lower Broughton

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Pick up the phone, and our team will help you resolve your computer or IT problems. As IT specialists in Salford and Manchester, our team has the knowledge and skill to find the best solution for you.